I wrapped up the previous blog entry, which briefly described our search for the Kenyan girls who best fit the Daraja mold by saying; “tomorrow we will head north to Isiolo and look for more potential students.” We did head north, we did look for more potential students and speaking only for myself, my soul is now different.

Peter Wathitu, Andy Harley, Jenni and I left for Isiolo early in the morning. Isiolo literally is the town that is known as the gateway to the region of Kenya called the “Northern Frontier.” Much like the frontier of the American Old West there are cattle raids, land disputes, skirmishes over water rights and huge herds of buffalo. Unlike the American Old West there are camel caravans and leopards, the buffalo are if the tough, African variety and the warriors aren’t from the Sioux but the Samburu tribe. (Please note that the portions