Salutations! I know that my portion of the blog has been silent for the last two months. But, that will not happen again. If you check just below this blog entry, you can enter your Email address and receive updates every time there is a new one. It is really easy to do and actually helps us out a lot. The more, the absolute merrier. Please spread the word to your fiends and anybody else that you think would be interested in our cause. I am learning that the nonprofit world really focuses on the number of hits and readers your site gets. Your help would be incredibly helpful and not too hard! 

So back to why my blog took a 2 month nap… I apologize but “Africa happened” to my computer in mid September, basically frying my laptop’s monitors thus making communication impossible. However, since then I have returned to the states, fixed the laptop, am gathering my wife and tying up a few loose ends before we return in early December, TOGETHER, to get the school rolling. If all things work out according to plan, the doors of the school will open to its first class of girls in late January/early February and TahDah! Mission accomplished… sort of. There will always be funds to raise, and things to do. Currently we still need to raise another another $10,000 to make sure school starts the way we want it to. Hogan High’s Daraja club has selflessly offered to raise the $2,000 dollars to purchase our students a new pair of shoes and two new uniforms each (which works out to about $80 for each girl.) Woodside Priory’s Daraja Club is working on a way that they can also contribute, so maybe that ammount will not be quite so hard to raise!!!


On November 7th, Jenni and I piled into our car and bounced down