The Water Project, also know as Project Kibuki Maji, has officially been completed! Thanks to our dedicated donors, the project has provided campus with:

–       Two new water tanks that hold a combined amount of over 340,000 liters (89,000 gallons) of water

–       Brand new piping system for the existing water tanks

–       Water pumps

The academy hired George, a local contractor, to complete the job and his workers managed to finish in just a few months. The speed of the progress was astounding!  You can follow the project’s evolution and see the finished product in the photo album here.

Huge thank you to all those that donated in support of this project! The stabilization of water provides security that we will have enough water to sustain the expanding student body and that, despite any drought, the academy can continue running. Both essential ingredients to the school’s expansion and longevity.

Big, big thank you to our Daraja family for supporting this growing school!