Daraja has been alive and well on the internet for many years, but we’re trying to make it easier to allow supporters like you to learn about what’s happening on campus. As such, we’d like to point your attention to 2 noticeable changes:

-First off, Facebook. Facebook is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your friends, but it’s also a great way to learn more about your favorite organizations, like the Daraja Academy. So far, we have a “causes” page, a “group” page….but the new addition is our “Fan Page.” The Fan page seems to be the best way to stay in touch with our supporters, and it allows you easier access to learn about the updates we post there, such as pictures, videos, news items, events, pretty much everything. So, if you’re a member of facebook, please consider joining our fan page by clicking here. (Heads-up: clicking that link will take you to log-in to Facebook first, then you’ll be able to join our Fan Page.)

-Secondly, Daraja Academy is on Twitter. We’ve actually been there for almost a year, and in that year, Twitter has really taken off. We imagine that many, many more of you readers are now on Twitter than there were a year ago, so if you’re there, you can follow us! Our account is not the type that will overwhelm you, but instead we’ll just occasionally post updates about the girls that are a bit off-the-beaten-path. Our name is, simply put, @daraja. We’ve created some amazing relationships through Twitter, most recently a connection with Rocky Turner, aka @headmutha. Rocky runs Mothers Fighting For Others, an excellent organization that is (to quote their mission statement) “dedicated to providing orphans and vulnerable children with opportunities their parents would have provided, if they only could; a loving and nurturing environment and a quality education, so they can learn, thrive and achieve their highest potential.” Today we here in the States noticed that Rocky had posted this tweet about a phone conversation with Jason:

And now we’re siked to know that we have another enthusiastic visitor heading to campus. What a cool way to connect with people, and we hope to also end up connecting with you there too.

Check us out as our presence on the internet continues to spread. Thanks, as always, for keeping an open ear and an open heart to all of the updates from Daraja.