Gratitude does not even come close to describing the emotions that have coursed through me during the past few weeks. After a tiring, but extremely fruitful 2 months in the US, building new and nurturing old relationships, raising awareness for the school and funds for it operations… I AM HOME!!! Back in Africa, back at Daraja Academy.

I am home and last week, while sitting in the back of physics class, observing Mr. Charles weave his magical web of scientific information, it struck me… I am literally the luckiest man alive. I am “that guy”, who got to watch his dream of dreams come true.

There I was sitting behind 26 girls in beautiful, blue and gray uniforms, being asked questions by a talented instructor and ALL had their hands high, reciting the eager, “… teacher me. Teacher, teacher me,” that only pupils who’d mastered the material would dare murmur… IT HAD WORKED!

We did it. The dream is a reality and incredibly this dream has 26 amazing young ladies, who’d otherwise have been forgotten dancing through it. And, should all fund raising efforts go as planned, if supporters continue to appear and join the growing family of believers and workers, we too will grow. If watchers become joiners, in Janu