Write six words to describe yourself and what you stand for—that was the challenge given to Daraja’s students by volunteer Sue August.

Sue reminded the girls of the power that a few little words can have using the example of WISH. The Daraja girls know this acronym well—Women of Integrity, Strength and Hope—and regularly relate those powerful words to themselves now, and who they will become in the future. Sue encouraged them to create statements they can use when they need a little reminder of who they are and what they’re capable of.

To create their descriptions, the girls started by calling out words that fit them. The student volunteers at the blackboard scribbled as their classmates shouted out: courageous, confident, loving, gorgeous, enthusiastic…

Here’s what some of the girls shared after a chance to put their statements together:

I have great dreams in life – Molly, Form 1

An optimistic, sensitive and mindful leader – Teddy, Form 2

Daraja is my greatest treasure ever – Ann N., Form 1

Sharpen your thinking then your life – Ann W., Form 1

Sue is a performance coach for healthcare leaders who shared her knowledge on public speaking, time management, computer applications and writing thank-you notes with the Daraja girls.  In her two-and-a-half weeks here she also led WISH classes with the girls on confidence building, self reflection and moral courage.

This is Sue’s second journey to Daraja as a volunteer. Her last visit was in October, 2009, back when Daraja had only 26 students in one form. Though there have been changes to the buildings and resources on campus, Sue says the greatest transformation on campus is in the culture of the school, “There was love here before, but there’s a lot more love here now. Daraja is a community that is very loving and joyful. Both the girls and faculty are quick to give a hug at any opportunity, day or night.”