Many visitors to campus have experienced what it is like to be a student on a typical day at Daraja. Students wake up early in the morning before the sun rises for study hall and attend classes until late afternoon. After classes, girls participate in the afternoon activity for the day which can include clubs, WISH (Women of Integrity Strength and Hope) class, Physical Education class, talks from visiting professionals, and more. During dinnertime, girls often discuss the events of the day before attending study hall to complete their homework assignments and study for any upcoming exams.

Even though their days are long, Daraja students are active in class discussions and excited to ask questions and engage with their teachers. Equally excited to teach, Daraja teachers prepare engaging lesson plans that allow students to apply the knowledge that they are learning in a practical way.

On Wednesdays, first year students return from their mid-morning tea break ready to learn in business class. They chatted about banking as they wait for Teacher and Principal Victoria to enter the classroom and begin the day’s lesson. Victoria began class by asking students about their day, to which they enthusiastically replied in unison, “it is very good!”

Victoria asked students about what they learned the previous day. “Who can tell me,” she asked, “what is a check? How is it used?” With little hesitation, hands shot up into the air.

Salome stood to answer the question, “a check is a form of payment.”

Victoria nodded and Mary O stood next, “it is an instruction to the bank to make a payment to a certain person.”

During their discussion about checks, Victoria had the class stand in order to ensure that they were focused on listening to the lecture rather than writing notes. “Remember,” she advised, “discussion helps you remember and comprehend things. Do not always concentrate only on writing down what we say. Concentrate on understanding it.”

Continuing the lesson, Victoria moved on to explain several other forms of payment. As students took notes, she asked questions about her explanations to keep students engaged. Using real life situations, Victoria had students break into groups and discuss when certain methods of payment are appropriate at certain times.

Business is a crucial subject at Daraja. It prepares students for potential careers as well as general life skills. Lessons learned in business support popular desired professions among students such as accounting, marketing, tourism, hospitality, business ownership, and more.

Although their days are long, students at Daraja remain engaged and excited about their studies. “If it weren’t for Daraja,” Mellab explains, “I would still be repeating primary level classes to keep learning. I look forward to class everyday, especially Business class.”