They came bearing gifts

3 years ago, Chris Garcia took his first steps on Kenyan soil with a group of teachers and students from University of San Diego with a huge surprise for Daraja’s teachers and Form 1 class—iPods for every teacher and iPads for every freshman girl.

Next week, Chris is returning to Kenya for the next round of development with the now 3-year-old Kenya Mobile Technology project. “The type of professional development was limited to show teachers and students how to use the iPads and iPod touches in the most basic form without wifi,” said Chris in his appeal to friends, family and professional connections to help financially support his return to Daraja.

Until only recently, campus electricity only ran from 7p-10p from a cranky, 20 year old diesel generator. This meant no charging laptops, phones, cameras, and the USD donated iPods and iPads meant to encourage and critically engage Daraja students in their classroom learning. “Now, the campus has wifi,” said Chris, “and the iPads and iPods need to have their operating systems updated, along with installing apps to enhance the education for Daraja Academy students.”