The students, teachers, staff and volunteers at Daraja work productively and positively to make campus the successful and beautiful school that it is. To stay on track, Daraja’s Four Pillars are the guidelines that encourage everyone on campus to work together to get the most of out of their education or work. Here’s what some of the girls think of the “rules” on campus and why they’re important.

Pillar 1 – Be accountable for the role you play at Daraja, neither neglecting it, nor abusing it.

“This pillar helps students and teachers to live together in a peaceful way.”
– Esther C., Form 1

Pillar 2 – Maintain open communication, speak honestly and listen effectively.

“I think this is important because sometimes one may be suffering or sick and people don’t know. If a girl’s sick, she has to tell someone about it. In matters of honesty, if someone is not honest it can lead to even bigger problems. And listening respectfully gives everyone an equal chance to be listened to and give out her own ideas.” – Susan, Form 2

Pillar 3 – Embrace differences and treat all with dignity and respect.

“I think this is important because we’re not all from the same tribe. Daraja is a family and this pillar brings together all the tribes and religions.”
– Mercy, Form 3

Pillar 4 – Every day, leave it