During the first week of actual classes, Daraja Academy was lucky enough to host Marin based artist/conservationist Brenda Sherburn. On campus for 5 days, Brenda taught the students about composition, art theory and how to use several types of media. She also opened many of the girls’ eyes to the immense value and natural beauty of the surrounding countryside and the role they can personally play protecting it.

But, the highlight of her visit for the students and myself as headmaster, had to be the three-hour nature walk at the El Karama wildlife conservancy. Brenda provided the girls with art materials so the could stop and make sketches of the animals they encountered while on the evening walk… and they did encounter animals. The vehicles returned just after sunset and poured out 20 plus giggling, chattering, excited Kenyan teenagers, each with a series of sketches and many more stories about their excursion into “the bush.”

After herding them straight into the dining hall for dinner, the roar began. “Teacher, teacher…” “Jenni, Jenni…” “Mr. D, let