Making a connection with my Alma Mater, University of San Diego has been priceless for Daraja Academy’s development. USD’s School of Leadership and Educational Studies named Daraja Academy 2008 partner of the year, Dean Cordiero has directed several book drives which raised both funds and awareness for our cause. Our girls were fortunate to spend much of this summer learning about confidence, individuality and Drama skills from USD under grad Carr Cavender. Plans that will allow USD graduate students study abroad at the campus are currently worked out… and last summer, USD Professor of Education Nancy Hanssen visited us.

I hate being away from campus when we have guests. Seeing the campus through their eyes is both thrilling and motivating. Unfortunately, due to extra costs associated with start-up, I was fund raising in the states when “Nancy and Sue” (her friend and fellow educator) visited Daraja Academy.

After returning to Daraja, I