On Saturday, May 25, every Transition Program student went to Nanyuki town to work on community development. They gathered in Central Park, a small park in the center of town which, at night, is often populated with street kids (vulnerable/orphaned children who may be homeless and are fighting for their lives). There, the girls split into groups. One headed to CEDEC Children’s home (a home for disadvantaged children in Nanyuki), and the other stayed at the park. Here’s a look at what happened at each location:


The girls helped staff cook pilau, macaroni and cabbage (for 500 people!), others washed laundry, and still others played with the street kids and mentored them. “The whole experience in CEDEC was amazing and also challenging to learn from street children and their lives,” the girls explained. “We enjoyed being with the kids since they were dancing together and playing some games that were fun.”

Central Park:

The girls helped seat people in chairs that had been brought in for the day. Then, they ushered them to the makeshift medical clinic that had been set up by Red Cross for the day, to attend to street kids and other needy locals. The girls helped feed street families while they waited to be seen at the clinic and some acted as receptionists, recording names of people who came to s