The girls are heading home after a busy exams period. But before they left they spent some time together to relax, finish up some projects and play. Here’s what happened on campus this week:

Home for a rest – The Daraja girls are spreading out all over Kenya for their term break. They filled up three mini-buses and one Land Rover this morning as they started their journeys home. Some of the girls just live on the other side of the hill from campus; they carried their belongings on their back and started walking home. Other girls will be traveling for nearly two days to get back to their families.

Forms 1 and 2 have a month off to relax and have quality time with their loved ones, while the Form 3 girls will be back in two weeks for some extra study time. Some of the teachers will be going off campus for a much-needed break as well. We wish everyone a safe and restful holiday.

Welcome back! – Volunteer