For the last three weeks, Form 4 & Student Body President, Alice Naini, and Form 2, Abdia Osman, have been studying at Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley. The relationship between Daraja and Priory began back in 2008, when Priory held the very first Daraja fundraiser.

We would like to share with you a press release (below) from Priory and express our sincerest gratitude to Priory for inviting Alice and Abdia to the US and facilitating an experience of a lifetime.


Photo by Sean Mclain Brown & Jim Kirkland

For Immediate Release 3/28/2015:

Kenyan Students from Daraja Academy Visit Woodside Priory School

Abdia, Class of 2015, and Alice, Class of 2017, seem like any other high school students; they like music, ice-cream, and dancing, but they are also from Kenya where electricity is unreliable, access to clean water is rare, political turmoil is rampant, and girls access to a quality education is severely limited.

“Everyone has been so friendly and helpful, we’ve made new friends that we hope to carry with us the rest of our lives,” said Abdia. Alice nodded in agreement and added, “At Daraja, we have four pillars that guide us, one of them is to embrace differences, this is true at the Priory as well, we felt so welcomed and embraced.” said Alice.

Abdia and Alice’s visit was the first of a partnership with the Da