It is often hard to pull myself away from the operations of the school—is the generator working properly, does the kitchen have all the supplies they need, is the river still flowing, how long before we are out of water, etc. But I have seen some amazing things at the school that I feel I need to share with you, from an administrator’s perspective.

Over the course of the past month, we’ve had 6 volunteers visit our campus. Several of them have shared their experiences with you. I watched as two American teens shared their talents with our 26 students and when they left, I watched those 26 students shed tears of sadness. I watched a relationship between Sarah and Lillian blossom as they shared their experiences together. I watched as Claire sang a Chinese song to the girls and I watched the students gaze at her in awe. I watched Suzanne teach our students some improvisation games and I wish that I had her presence and patience. I watched as our teachers connected to our teacher-professional-development volunteers, Nancy and Su