Congratulations family and loved ones!

It is with an extremely proud heart and a deep sense of gratitude, that I can announce that a brand new baby school has joined the world. On the 2nd of March 2009 at 8:00am 26 girls began their first day of secondary school at the Daraja Academy 20 kms Northwest of Nanyuki, Kenya. Under the loving tutelage of Mrs. Mwangi: math, business studies and geography, Ms. Catherine: English, Swahili and music, Mr. Charles: biology, chemistry and physics, headmaster of Mr. D (Doherty doesn’t exactly roll off the African tongue) teaching history and government, Ms. Mary: Christian religious studies, Ms. Amena: Islamic religious studies and Andy Harley teaching PE and organizing the library… we have a living, breathing, laughing school!!!

Without the tireless and frankly courageous support of our incredible board, family and supporters there is no way this dream could have taken shape. So after ignoring cynics, three years of HARD work, tens of thousands of miles of travel and the support of countless friends and family, there is a Daraja Academy, it is on the map and it is open!

On February 26t