Kenya was calling and the Doherty’s finally answered…

Five days ago and a few minutes before midnight, Jenni and I landed in Nairobi. After a quick visit to the M.S. Kenya headquarters the next morning, we left Kenya’s capital for campus with Daraja’s Dir. Of Operations Peter Wathitu, Andy Harley and Katie Ireland. Andy has been working hard on campus since he arrived in October, while Katie, a primary school teacher from Salinas, arrived the day before us, to lend a hand getting the campus prepped for the students who will be arriving in early February. Though lacking space, the cramped 4×4 did not lack an excited energy as we snaked our way north through the deep green central highlands of Kenya.

Though I had spent the better part of three months on campus this summer, it was the first time that Jenni and I would have been there together since our first introduction to the magical place on the second to last day of our “find-a-place-for-the-Daraja-campus-tour of 2007.” We were both excited, but I was a little nervous… what if she didn’t love the place as much as I, what if she didn’t see the potential that I did? what if, what if, what if… the worry was for not.

Driving through the gates that evening was not anti-climactic. During the hour befor