Malawi recently elected Joyce Banda as President, making her the first woman in her country, and only the second female in all of Africa, to hold that office. When asked about the significance of President Banda’s election to office, here is what the Daraja girls had to say:

Ireen (Form 1): “I want to become an attorney one day. It is important to me to defend the wrongly accused of injustices that occur very often in this country. Hearing the news that an activist, a women’s activist, has been elected to President, warms my heart because it means that as a woman, I can do anything I want to do. I believed it before, but I really believe it now.”



Betty (Form 4): “This is very good news! I am very proud to be a woman, and with the education that I am receiving at Daraja, I will be in a position where I can also one day be the first woman to do something. I think it is very important that girls can receive an education, and with that education, we can make sure that other girls can get an education.