In between Music Festival auditions and hosting a Leadership Conference, the Daraja girls found the time to breeze through this week’s Continuous Assessment Testings.

Sylvia, a Form 2 at Daraja, smiled and shuffled her feet shyly. “The CATs are easy,” she said.

Julia, Form 2, works on her Kiswahili exam

“Not because the examinations were not challenging, but because the teachers prepared us so well that they are easy to do well on.”

The CATs are week-long examinations that every Daraja student must take in every subject. Forms 1 and 2 are in the midst of 11 CATs, and Forms 3 and 4, because they have already chosen their specialized academic career plans, only have 8.

Carol, Form 4, said, “We are being tested on what we have learned. This prepares us for mid-terms, for end-of-term exams, and for the K.C.S.E. We have been well prepared by our teachers, study groups, and study hall, so