From arguments to auditions, this week served up important teachable moments in compromise, self-worth and perseverance for the girls of Daraja.

The Argument-Turned-Teaching Moment: A heated debate transpired on the way to Mpala last weekend. A few students made a passionate case for geography holding the highly-coveted position of the most important class in school. Yvonne took the position that history is more relevant. “You have to know where you come from to know where you are going,” she argued. “We must learn about the history of us, as Kenyans, as people occupying this Earth, so that we can know how to prepare ourselves to succeed.” Charity didn’t agree. “Geography tells about that same Earth you are talking about,” she started. She pointed to a herd of zebras that crossed the road in front of them. “Geography tell us about what is real. Not stories. Facts. Facts that help us live not yesterday, but today.” Although the students could not come to an agreement on which subject was more important, they did agree that gaining knowledge about both can benefit their studies, and their interest in either class.

W.I.S.H.: Because of CATs, Music Festival auditions, and a public holiday, only one W.I.S.H. class was held this week. The Form 1s continued the theme of self-worth with a lesson in self-reflection. The students were asked to write in their journal about what they see in the mirror, then went to find a mirror to see if what they feel matches up with what they see. “I see that when I smile I am beautiful,” Franca said, “and when I frown, it makes me ugly.”

Music Auditions: The Patio quickly filled to a packed house on Tuesday evening for a practice round for Nanyuki’s upcoming Music Festival. The highly-anticipated, two day Festival next week features stiff competition from schools all over the region. First time Form 1s to experienced Form 4s delivered their best rendition of poems in both Swahili and English. Caroline, Form 1, was the first called up, and almost lost her nerve when she stumbled over her words the first couple tries. “I knew I could do the whole thing if I just