This term, form 4’s WISH (Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope class) curriculum revolved around Social Justice.

Comprised of lessons about power, society, and social change, Form 4’s took useful tools about justice and action away from the term.

Passionate to set out and start creating positive social change now, Form 4’s reflected on the term.

“The lesson about power was my favorite,” explained Lilian, referring to a lesson where students learned about the different types of power, how it is used, and the potential for social change within positions of power in society.

Shamsia and Alice N. cited the lesson on tools for social change as their favorite. During this lesson, girls chose an aspect of society such as education or local government and identified problems in that sector such as corruption. From there, girls broke into groups and identified tools that could be used to create social change.

“I loved learning that media could be used for good, to expose bad things like corruption,” remembered Mercy.

Learning about social change is integral in creating what Daraja calls “women of WISH.” Recently, The Guardian shed some light on the need for women’s empowerment to go along with girls’ education. Daraja’s WISH class, which is once a week for all students, does just that!

To read The Guardian’s article, click here:

Form 4’s are excited not only to change their world after graduation, but to start right away!