The selection of  26 new Daraja girls is done! The new students will arrive on campus on February 26th. We are all extremely excited about this new step and we have asked the current students to give a piece of advice for their future classmates. Here are three letters that could be useful for you too, in case you pay us a visit soon!

“Once at Daraja, you will like the encouraging weather due to the trees. You can walk around the campus but be aware of the snakes in the bushes. If you don’t bother them, I assure you that they won’t bother you. You will feel cool walking under the green shady trees.

You should work hard in order to achieve your goals and prosper in future keeping in mind that educating a woman is educating a nation. Help those who need help and cooperate with everyone to promote unity. Observe all the pillars of Daraja and do your best not to abuse them or neglect them. Finally, I want to tell you that you should be a role model to your colleagues, do as instructed and respect everyone. Remember: Daraja means bridge and we are Daraja.”

“When you come to Daraja, you will meet beautiful, hardworking and very respectful ladies and brothers. Join them cheerfully and take them as your older sisters. Love them, respect them, and follow any instructions or requests from them.

At time, we choose prefects in several parts they act on. One is for games and sport, another is for dorms while another is for dinning hall. Finally, the head girl is in charge of all prefects, making sure that they act as expected by the authority. So you should appreciate their work and follow what they say. Never be found at wrong place at wrong time doing wrong thing.

On campus are the MS buildings where you should not be found during the day or night unless it is organized for workshops or socialization. Also, respect and take responsibility of the MS volunteers, as they will do to you. Last but not least, you should always remember to follow the Daraja pillars, which will help you in everything you do. Work extra hard for your studies, believing that you will achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams in life. Thank you.”

“When you come to Daraja, you will meet wonderful, loving parents, caring sisters and brothers. You should follow teachers’ instruction. As you obey them, all things that you do will go positively. If you don’t follow what a teacher says, you will notice that not everything will run smoothly. Last but not least, you should be punctual in whatever you do. If you are, you will be a wonderful girl and everything will run smoothly.”

The Daraja pillars that the girls refer to in their letters are taught during WISH class. WISH stands for Women of integrity, strength and hope. The pillars are considered the foundation to success at Daraja:

The Four Pillars:


1. Be accountable for the role you play at Daraja, neither neglecting it, nor abusing it.

2. Maintain open communication, speak honestly and listen respectfully.

3. Embrace differences and treat all with dignity and respect.

4. Every day, leave it better than you found it.