“I think that the biggest lesson I learned was that I really can do good work and make decisions on my own,” Mary K. reflected.

The Transition girls have now left campus, and are headed out on their respective journeys to begin their post-Daraja lives.

“Daraja is still my home,” assured Mary, “but I am excited to go out and do good in my community.”

Mary has grown significantly through her time here at Daraja Academy, and now presents herself as a confident woman of integrity, strength, and hope. After completing Forms 1 through 4, she came back to campus for the Transition Program, which began in April.

“My favorite part of the transition program was the internship, it gave me the chance to apply everything I have ever learned.”

Mary interned at Daraja Academy as the Volunteer Coordinator for 6 weeks from the end of June to the start of August.

“I feel so honored that I got to be Volunteer Coordinator. I was so lucky to have a supervisor who challenged me,” Mary reflected.

Although Mary is nervous about the next steps she will take in her life, she is confident that she has great opportunities ahead of her. When asked during the Daraja Quest activity to choose an object in nature to represent this stage of her life, Mary chose a stalk from an Aloe Vera plant.

“The spikes represent my ability to defend against challenges that I will soon face. The aloe inside the stalk is a cure to many diseases, and I believe I can be a cure to my community. The stalk is flexible, and I am flexible because I am young. I can do anything.”