The Isenhart family took a trip around the world to show their children the importance of understanding the global environment and, lucky for us, a portion of their travels involved working with the Daraja girls. Parents Chris and Jill Isenhart give us insight into their remarkable trip in an article published on Mongabay. Check out the excerpt below:

“Chip Isenhart: Both Jill and I have a lifelong passion for nature; we both focused on environmental science in college and built careers that reflected our strong, shared passion for environmentalism. We married in our early 20s and spent the first years pursuing various conservation fieldwork assignments across the globe working for multiple NGOs, like the WWF, Conservation International (CI), and the National Audubon Society. After several years abroad and completing masters degrees (at Yale), we started ECOS Communications—an environmental consultancy firm with the mission to help raise appreciation for nature by “connecting the public with the natural world”. ECOS develops master plans and educational exhibits for conservation groups, wildlife agencies, zoos, aquariums, and other public facilities. After a decade running various projects at ECOS (internationally and the U.S.), we wanted to slow things down a bit, and pursue a more family-oriented life. Thus our two children, daughter Hannah (13) and son Jesse (11).
Conveying our passion for conservation and environmentalism to our children, hasn’t always come easy. Despite our careers and our business, we found it challenging to compete for their interests in a modern world full of distractions (cell phones, their