My favorite aspect of a school, like most, is the numerous opportunities for learning that exist there. However, I think there are two major misconceptions that many people, especially educators (myself included) often make in relation to this idea:

1st – the classroom, library and lab ARE NOT the only places where learning can take place.

2nd – opportunities for learning SHOULD NOT be reserved only for the students. A school environment changes when it feels like a group endeavor, where all parties: students, teachers, administrators etc. are working toward something together, collaboratively. Personally, I have never encountered more learning opportunities than I have while serving as Daraja Academy’s principal-teacher-bus driver-clerk-janitor-councilor-chair of the art dept.-athletic director-&-friend.

My latest profound learning op:

Jua Kali in Swahili literally translates as “Hot Sun”. It also is a commonly used colloquialism that refers to a class of workers who get by on initiative, applied knowledge of their trade and exper