Meet Rose, Form I

Upon arrival at Daraja Academy, Rose seemed timid and nervous.  Coming from Makueni County, she left a life at home where she cooked and washed clothing daily, and walked 6 kilometers for water for her family. Arriving at Daraja was a new start for Rose where she wouldn’t have to worry about food, school fees, or supplies.  All she had to focus on was her education and her development into a true Daraja Girl.

Several weeks ago, teachers were asked a simple question.  What are the characteristics and values of a Daraja girl?  The final list included:  a woman with integrity, an effective communicator, life-long learner, community-based, confident, proactive, and balanced.

Rose is already on her way to attaining each of these characteristics and embodying each of these values.  In WISH (Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope) class last week, Rose courageously volunteered to participate in a public speaking demonstrations in front of her classmates, some teachers, volunteers, and even a few administrators.

She quickly shed that timid, nervous skin when asked to speak about herself in this demonstration.  She explained, “I love arguing, arguing for good.  Because of this I want to become a lawyer.  I want to help my community.”  Effective Communicator?  Confidence? Community Based?  Check, check, and check!

Rose is off