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By Christine M. (Form 4) Heroism has nothing to do with skin colour or social status. It is a state of mind and a willingness to act for what is right and just. Knowing what you need to know actually drives out fear. For one to change

October 11th, 2018|

Fingernails Clogged With Dirt

By Margaret W. (Form 2) I refuse to take your brotherly hand Your nails are black with dirt, brother And your palms are clammy with sweat I refuse to take the hand you extend in help, I shall not join hands with you, brother For unclean hands make

October 8th, 2018|

People and Character

By Zeituna A. (Form 3) The word “character” stands for a lot of characters and personalities. We have emotional, rude, polite, nice, and funny people. But, what I have learnt is that nobody has one particular character, but that someone is termed “funny” if he/she is repeatedly

July 9th, 2018|