Tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp, fourth-year Daraja Academy students will sharpen their pencils and squirm in their seats as they begin the test that they’ve been working towards for four years: the K.C.S.E.

The K.C.S.E. stands for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and it is an exam taken at the completion of secondary school. The exam covers seven subjects for each student: English, Swahili, Mathematics, at least two sciences, one subject in the humanities, and one practical or technical subject.

All over Kenya, students are preparing to take their KCSE exam. At Daraja, the test will be administered over the course of three weeks, with some days being longer testing days than others. Before the test begins, schools around the country host a day celebration where the community comes together to show their support. Because of Kenya’s religious nature, the celebration is called “Prayer Day.”

On Saturday, staff, teachers, administrators, community members, and families of students gathered under the trees near Daraja’s garden for Prayer Day. After welcoming remarks from Daraja teachers, Dean of Curriculum Charles shared some words of encouragement to the students: “I sincerely believe that you will do your best. Believe in your abilities and refuse to be discouraged. Keep your mind filled with thoughts of determination and hope.”