Bridge building – Jason’s dad, Jack Doherty, along with volunteer Alex Rodondi and head of maintenance Peter Rutere, have been hard at work down at the river. They’ve built a bridge to connect the Daraja neighborhood with the nearest village, Naibor.

Naibor hosts an important Saturday market but has been connected to the Daraja side by just a shaky log over the water. The new bridge will help the community have better access to the market town, and make the journey much safer for our neighbors and their children.Volunteer Sue August on the old Naibor bridge in June

Teacher development – Teachers Wycliffe, Carol, Doreen and Joseph were invited to attend a series of workshops put on by Teachers Without Borders. Victoria Gichuhi, Daraja’s vice principal, was one of the presenters in the program, called the Certificate of Teaching Mastery. The four teachers returned to campus each day with a lot of enthusiasm about what they learned. Carol said the sessions were “amazing. They got us really excited about new things we can do in the classroom and taught us how to teach students at different levels.”

Community service – While the girls are home for the holidays they’re required to do 5-10 hours of community service, depending on what grade they’re in. Three students are on campus and are working on a grey water system that will take used water from sinks and showers and make it useable for trees and plants on campus.