Study, study, study! Such was the focus on campus this week as the girls prepared for their end-of-term exams. For the Form 1s, this part of the term could have been very stressful, but the girls divided up into study groups and actively prepared for success. “The Form 1s have tackled the exams very well so far. I was almost surprised how relaxed and settled they were,” Teacher James said, “but they were very well prepared. I already took a peek at some of their exams, and they have done very well. Very well.”

Form 4s Esther, Emily, Betty and Faith form a study group before Math exam

For other students on campus, this process is routine. “I’m very ready,” Hadijah, Form 4 said. “My hardest exam is today, which is Math. And that is why I am looking forward to it. I studied hard, I prepared, and now I am ready.” The Form 4s are a unique group on campus, as they are also preparing for their upcoming K.C.S.E. exams. Says Betty, “Essentially, what we are studying for Daraja and for the K.C.S.E. are the same concepts. We are lucky to have teachers who have prepared us well for both, and that is why I am confident I will do well on both.”


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