Baby Omari: On Monday, August 29th Daraja Academy welcomed its newest family member – Omari Richard Harley. Volunteer coordinator Andy Harley and his fiancé Betty Omari brought Omari home to Daraja this week and the girls were so excited to meet their newest brother. Best of luck to the proud parents!

Business Workshop: Jenni Prisc and Natalie Gore from Voices of Women arrived this week at Daraja to teach the girls how to create a business plan.  The students attended a workshop on business and public speaking, then broke into small groups to create a business plan. Jenni helped the girls to find their voices, while Natalie got their creative juices flowing with an art/logo design workshop.

End of Ramadan: Monday morning the Muslim students went into town to visit the mosque and break Ramadan. There was some confusion as to when the last day was, but our girls called home to Isiolo and confirmed that their families were celebrating as well. The entire school participated in an end of Ramadan feast where the kitchen prepared beef stew and chapatti.