So, the first Daraja graduates have been welcomed into the world, but where to? Many girls are attending University, many are applying to enroll in college courses, and many plan to search for jobs and bring their gained knowledge and skills back to their communities.

Everlyne and Christine (Tina) will be attending Moi University, where Tina will be specializing in Education. Monicah and Betty will be at the University of Nairobi. Faith will attend Kenyatta University while Leila will be attending Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology- her very first choice! Emily will be attending University of Eldoret and Marylene will be joining Rongo University and they will each be studying education.

The rest of the graduates have taken time during the Transition Program to find themselves and decide what they want the next few years of their life to look like. Florence hopes to start a salon business, while Mercy and Caroline hope to enroll in college courses focusing on tourism. Nasibo and Mary K. hope to enroll in nursing courses, and nearly all the graduates have expressed interest in learning how to drive.

“I am sad to leave Daraja,” Leila confessed, “but I cannot wait to go to University. My life is really changing fast.”

Regardless of where the graduates are headed, one thing is very clear: they are incredibly excited to bring their skills, knowledge, and passions back to their home communities. They are excited to teach their siblings and the youth in their communities about the importance of education. Many girls plan to volunteer by teaching in primary schools back home and helping out with orphanages, dispensaries, and churches.

Jason, founder, gave this advice to the girls during the graduation ceremony: “Find your passion. You will fall sometimes, but what will help you get up is passion.”

Congratulations Daraja Class of 2012: We cannot wait to watch you find your passions and change the world!