With internships having come to a close for the transition girls, Cate feels that her Daraja experience has come full-circle. For her internship, Cate taught at Ol Girgiri Primary, a local school that is only a few kilometers from Daraja’s campus. What makes this extra special is that Cate actually attended this school as a student.

“Cate was the second girl from this school to attend secondary school,” reported Dixon, principal of Ol Girgiri Primary, “we are very thankful for Daraja.”

James, a full-time teacher at Ol Girgiri, attended our Community Event on August 2nd. “I taught Cate as a child, and I am humbled to have her teaching alongside me now,” James said.

As a primary school teacher, Cate is teaching all subjects including English, Science, History, and more. She primarily teaches to the older primary school students, like classes 6, 7 or 8 (grades 6-8).

Cate2“I am really enjoying my internship as a teacher,” Cate explains, “even though I have many exams to grade!”

During the month of July, teachers in Kenyan public schools were on strike, and schools were closed. Since our four teacher interns, including Cate, are Daraja girls, they held classes for students while schools were closed in empty classrooms and churches, and sometimes even outside under a tree.

“My favorite part about teaching is spreading education across my country,” reflects Cate, “education is power.”