At Daraja, we learn through classes, teachers, field trips and guest speakers how to be academic achievers and leaders in our communities.

When Father Wario came to visit Daraja, he gave a motivational speech that changed my attitude. I had started to feel stressed, but he reminded me what it takes to be a leader and a good student at Daraja.

Everyone has a dream, vision, ambition or a set goal that they wish to accomplish one day. Before this, motivation and guidance is of great importance since it renews one’s strength and brightens one’s future. I will focus on the following principles, and encourage my little sisters at Daraja to do the same:

Discipline: As a student, be expected to stand accountable for every role you play. A disciplined student is one who knows why she/he is in school and can live peacefully with everyone. A disciplined student is a successful student.

Being an Eagle: An eagle is a proud bird; a bird who flies with other like-minded birds. Students should wisely choose their friends, friends who add positive value to her studies.

Focus on the Future: I have learned that we cannot change our past, but we can change our future. The tool to my future is education, and although I cannot change the status of my family, I can help them by becoming a member of the educated community.

I believe the key to being a leader at the Daraja Academy is to be respectful of my teachers, school staff, sponsor and fellow students. While my four years at Daraja is a limited amount of time, I know I can use my experiences here to change my entire life, and the lives of my family and community at home.

By Marylene, Form 4.