Despite a campus strictly inhabited with bright, energetic, sharp leaders, at the end of each term, only one girl from each class can rise as the best of the best. Jael, Lilian, Alice and Monicah garnered the top positions in their respective classes, and here’s how they did it.

Jael, Form One:

When our teachers are giving instructions, I listen well. After the lessons are over, during my free time, I read again what we read in class, and I revise and revise until my work is perfect. When I come across things I do not understand, I ask teachers or the older students for help explaining, and then I make sure that I can say it back in my own words.

My advice for my peers who might find struggles with classes is to read and read until you understand the subject. Consider asking more questions in class, and she should use her free time to study and revise her work. If I know the answer, I will tell her. If not, we can ask a teacher together. I think when a student asks and learns from a student, it is easier to understand and easier to remember.