Dear Daraja Family,

Bay to Breakers is an exclusively important event in our lives. It has created an opportunity for us to participate in fundraising money that is of benefit to our wellbeing in general, and our education in particular. Many are the times that volunteers have worked hard to support us  –mind you they work even for extra hours just to see to it that we are faring on well in our education- but we have not at any given point made any contributions. Now, with the existence of Bay to Breakers, we are able to play a part in fundraising for Daraja. Apart from being able to take part in fundraising for our selves, Bay to Breakers has also been a strong source of funds for the sustainability of Daraja.

Last years event was full of fun; it had been anticipated by everyone ion campus. Some of us got an opportunity to realize their hidden talent, which is running. It was really surprising that some girls could run faster than we actually thought they would! Lisayo, who is currently a third year student in Daraja, emerged first!!! She is super fast, she was ahead of me (Teddy) by seventeen good laps. It is with no doubt that she is going to be first this year again. Though we do have other good runners. Last year, we had some motivating music which kept us going, and cheers from our teachers also motivated us a lot.

On behalf of the Daraja family, we sincerely appreciate the great effort our supporters are putting in for Daraja. It touches our hearts that some of you do not even know us that well yet you have the heart to make our futures bright by offering us an opportunity to get educated. We wish that there would be greater words than THANK YOU that would express how much we appreciate your kindness, love and care, then we would say that word to you.

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