Welcome Home, Ladies!

The campus is busy and bustling again, as the girls made the trek from their respective homes and villages all across Kenya back to Daraja. “Home is 3 matatu (bus) rides away,” Fatuma, Form 2 said. “I traveled for maybe 6 hours on matatus to get to Daraja. I am so happy to be back at school!”

School beautification

Monday morning after Flag, Forms 4 got right back to the books with exams and K.C.S.E. prep. Forms 1 through 3 spent the morning planting trees down by the MS platform. Said Zaituna, “Yes, we are digging holes and planting trees. But we are doing more than that. We are making our home a more beautiful place to live.”

Baaaaaay to Breakers!

The countdown to Bay to Breakers continues! The accumulation of excitement keeps building with cheer teams forming, a Bay to Breakers anthem in the works, and plans for a huge pep rally/bonfire are made for B2B Eve. A morning ritualistic chant has been started, where the entire school cheers, claps and stomps during the B2B countdown chant: “Baaaaay to Breakers! Baaaaay to Breakers! <stomp, stomp, clap! stomp, stomp, clap!> 10 days left!”

Comings & Goings

Guest motivational speaker Preist Cyril joined the girls on campus Tuesday. Said Charles, Dean of Curriculum, “He challenged them to work hard and to transform their lives. He helped them create goals and taught them ways to perseverance through challenges”

The Daraja intern team welcomes new member, Marybeth! “Coming from Chattanooga, Tennessee, I didn’t know about Bay to Breakers. But I sure do now, and the importance of this event to these girls is clear. This is an event that creates excitement and unity around a common cause: girls’ education.”